Ankur Capital announces Day Zero, a pre-seed funding platform for early stage startups

Technology-focused VC Ankur Capital today announced the launch of a pre-seed funding platform called Day Zero for early-stage startups. The Day Zero platform will be industry agnostic and will primarily focus on industries such as agriculture, healthcare, SME SaaS, fintech, logistics, mobility, construction, livelihoods and everything in between. . Day Zero is designed in such a way that it will help startups cover everything from getting started to scaling for entrepreneurs. All aspects, from funding to ecosystem support to mentoring, would be taken care of under one roof.

At Day Zero, Ankur Capital is building a platform for collaboration between angels, micro-investors and ecosystem enablers. The platform will invest in pre-seed/seed startups with up to $1M, alongside partners including Ankur Capital. With the platform, startups can benefit from the network but also from the knowledge of all the stakeholders involved. The Day Zero platform was launched with other micro-venture partners like Eximius Ventures, Upsparks, Capital-A and Gemba. Over time, the team will add more partners to ensure startups are heard from all sides when it comes to funding. The platform will not only help pre-seed founders get started, but also scale and succeed at the highest level.

Mohammed Amaan Memon, Head of Day Zero, says, “For the Day Zero platform, we work with top angel investors, micro-investors and ecosystem enablers, from banks to cloud providers. The range of founders Ankur Capital and its partners have supported to date will be of immense help to the founders we support through Day Zero. We also aim to help our founders connect our founders with high profile investors when raising follow-on capital. With this platform, we want to help startups grow and succeed at all levels.

Earlier this year, in January, Ankur Capital held the second edition of its pitch festival called India PitchFest 2, which was also meant to help early-stage startups raise funds. The event aimed to help startups by giving them the opportunity to pitch their ideas to some of the most renowned micro-VCs who could provide funding to help them get started. The third edition to be held on August 31 in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

About Ankur Capital: Ankur Capital is well known for being one of the premier agritech funders in the country. They have backed startups like Captain Fresh, Krishify, VeGrow, Rupifi, Cropin, String Bio, Niramai and many more. The venture capital firm has around 30 companies in its portfolio spread across two funds.

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