By the numbers: How to save for the holidays

Planning a vacation can seem a little frivolous or out of reach when everyone is tightening the purse strings.

But if you’re able to save money for travel, it’s always nice to look forward to a break in the future. Having a specific savings goal in mind can make saving easier.

For those who want to think about where they could cut some costs or how long it will take them to save for a vacation, here’s a numbers breakdown of what you can plan for in a year, depending on your budget.

It will take discipline, a plan, and time, but few people regret a vacation.

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Save: $10 per week

If you’re someone who buys coffees or lunches several times a week, it’s easy to cut back to save $10 a week.

Bring a plunger to work to get your caffeine fix – it might not be a flat white, but the smell of brewed coffee will be enough to satisfy cravings.

A survey by Te Ara Ahunga Ora The Retirement Commission for Money Week 2022 reveals what families have had to do to cope with the rising cost of living.

When it comes to lunches, consider grabbing leftovers from dinner or doing what previous generations did: grab a sandwich. You don’t have to eat giant fat-filled sammies like those in coffee every day.

We have become accustomed to large, hearty lunches thanks to the delicious treats we see in cafes and bakeries. Aim for “just enough” rather than overdoing it. Nut bars, a piece of fruit, or a hard-boiled egg can help reduce snack cravings between meals.

If you can save $10 a week, after 12 months you will have $520. If you can only save this amount, you may need to allow yourself a longer period to save for a vacation. Keep paying $10 a week for six more months and you’ll have $780.

What can you do with $520?

• Two nights at the Mövenpick Hotel Auckland for two people, including Chocolate Hour: $466

• Two-tank diving and full gear rental at Poor Knights Islands with Dive! Tutuka: $329

• Return flights to Wellington with Air New Zealand for two: $356

• Five nights in a bach at the Coromandel on Bookabach: $482

• Three Day Ruapehu Cycling Adventure with Stuff Travel: $479

Blue MaoMao Arch in the Poor Knights Islands, off Tutukaka, is an internationally renowned dive site.

Simone Matucci

Blue MaoMao Arch in the Poor Knights Islands, off Tutukaka, is an internationally renowned dive site.

Save: $50 per week

Can you reduce your shopping bill at the supermarket? One way to do this is to shop online and stick to the list. Avoid delivery charges and choose a time to pick up groceries. Online shopping allows you to buy only what you need and not be tempted by other in-store goodies or offers that you don’t really need.

Think about the easy meal swaps you can make – frozen vegetables are just as nutritious, last longer and are often less expensive.

Rather than buying double the hash, mix it up with a grated carrot and a can of lentils. Premium beef mince is around $20-24 a kg right now – buy a smaller amount for less then throw in a can of lentils for $1.50 and a grated carrot for 40c.

If you can save $50 a week, after 12 months you will have $2,600. Continue for another six months and that will bring you to $3900.

Where can you go with $2600?

• Three nights in Tasmania with flights with Air New Zealand: $1049

• Flights and six nights in Hawaii with Hawaiian Airlines, via House of Travel: $2349

• Fly and stay three nights in Melbourne, Chocolate and Wine Package for Two with Flight Centre: $2594

• Direct return flights from Auckland to New York with Air New Zealand: $2259

• Five nights Hilton Fiji for two, with Stuff Travel: $2445

You could make your way to cities like New York, with a dedicated savings plan.


You could make your way to cities like New York, with a dedicated savings plan.

Save: $100 per week

Saving $100 a week takes a lot more effort, especially when budgets are tight. This requires thinking about your biggest expenses and where you can cut back. Cutting out purchased lunches and coffees won’t be enough, but can help.

Do you always buy new clothes at full price? Facebook Marketplace and TradeMe are great options for used clothing and are often in excellent condition, perhaps only worn once or twice. You can adjust your budget so that only clothes that fall within a certain price range are displayed. Search your own closet to see if there are any valuables that you no longer use or need that you can sell.

If you often hit the pub after work for a drink, know how much those happy hour wines and beers can add up over the course of an evening, especially if it’s a regular feature on the social calendar.

If take-out dinners are your thing, why not challenge yourself to ditch Uber Eats for a month? If you love burgers, buy some frozen burger patties from the supermarket and some buns and store them in the freezer for an easy meal. Do you like pad thai? Make a big batch at home and freeze leftovers. Next time you’re craving greasy takeout, treat yourself to a homemade grilled cheese sandwich.

And beware of the Buy Now, Pay Later programs. Sure, it might sound great to make a cheaper, interest-free installment purchase, but if it’s tied to your credit card and you don’t pay off your credit card every month, you’ll end up paying interest on that instead.

How about that gym membership you don’t use? Buy dumbbells and train at home or in the park and ditch automatic payments to a gym you don’t use.

If you can save $100 a week for 12 months, you’ll have $5,200. Keep saving $100 a week for another six months, and it’ll net you $7,800.

Where can you go with $5200?

• Eight nights island hopping in southern Croatia, House of Travel: $4010

• Five-Night Adults-Only Fiji Getaway for Two, Stuff Travel: $4,949

• Six-Day South Island Rail Adventure, Stuff Travel: $2990

• 21-night cruise from Auckland to San Francisco South Pacific Crossing, House of Travel $3338

• Fly and stay eight nights in Phuket, Thailand for two with Flight Centre: $5270

Additional tips to save money for the holidays

  1. If you have debt burdening you, such as a credit card, overdraft, or high-interest loans that you can’t get to zero, target them first before a savings campaign dedicated otherwise you will end up paying extra in the long run. on interest.
  2. Prices fluctuate, but planning and booking ahead, and waiting for special offers from airlines and travel agents, will help you get a good deal.
  3. If you’re a visual person, print out a photo or get a postcard of the destination you want to visit and stick it somewhere visible, like the fridge. Or you can try putting a smaller photo in your wallet, so every time you pay for something you remember the big goal.
  4. Budgeting does not mean depriving yourself. It just means planning for some expenses. If going out with friends once a week is important to you, schedule it, set yourself a spending limit for the night, and see where you can cut the fat, so you can still enjoy those social outings. .
  5. Be flexible with your vacation schedules. If you can travel outside peak hours, you’ll likely find a cheaper deal. Sometimes shifting your travel plans by a few days or weeks can cut your trip by hundreds of dollars.

What are your tips for saving for the holidays? Share them in the comments.

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