Countdown customers may have to wait five days for refund after network outage

The countdown says it can't do anything about how long it takes customers to receive a refund after Monday's network outage.

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The countdown says it can’t do anything about how long it takes customers to receive a refund after Monday’s network outage.

A woman on an allowance says she is no longer able to afford food for her five children this week after a Countdown network outage left her charged for an order that didn’t go through. never been treated.

The woman’s mother, who wished not to be named to protect her daughter’s privacy, said she was upset the countdown told her she would have to wait five days for the refund of around 200 dollars arrives.

She couldn’t afford to pay for a replacement order until the refund was issued.

“My daughter, who is a single mom of five, orders her food from Countdown every week and has it delivered because she doesn’t have a car.

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“His payment has gone through, but there was no confirmation email from the store.”

The online shopping network outage occurred on Monday afternoon and customers were unable to place orders for click-and-collect or delivery. It also affected OneCard users.

All online orders that were due for delivery on Monday were then moved and processed on Tuesday, a countdown spokesperson said.

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A look at the first dedicated Countdowns online store in Penrose Auckland.

The woman said her daughter was only offered a refund for the order, but because she was the beneficiary, she lived week-to-week and had almost no money left to spare.

“Countdown didn’t offer to place his order on Tuesday, they only offered the refund and told him to place a new order then.

“She’s pretty upset about it. The countdown didn’t even tell him that the order didn’t work, so other people may not have realized until the delivery didn’t show up. She just wants a refund so she can have food.

A Countdown spokesperson said his team is working to resolve any order issues, find new delivery and reclaim time slots and issue refunds for people who requested one – y including people who placed an order during the outage.

“We really sympathize with anyone waiting for a refund, but unfortunately we have no control over how long it takes,” she said.

“We release the funds as soon as a refund is authorised, but the process of crediting the account is handled by the banks and can take up to five days.”

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