Fight breaks out over lost luggage at Manchester Airport carousel

Holidaymakers have been told ‘unforeseen operational challenges’ meant their luggage could not be unloaded at Manchester Airport. Photo/Aerial Views, Flickr;

Footage has captured the moment a huge fight broke out at a busy airport over ‘lost luggage’.

In one clip, filmed at Manchester Airport, two men can be seen punching each other near the carousel as hordes of passengers waiting for their luggage look on in shock.

The incident happened on Sunday evening following a delayed KLM flight from Amsterdam.

The plane was due to land in Manchester at 10.20pm but did not reach its destination until 11.45pm, leaving many passengers frustrated.

But things quickly escalated when passengers learned their luggage was still in Amsterdam following a strike by ground staff at Amsterdam Airport.

Dramatic footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows two men clashing with some shouting ‘stop it’ and ‘enough’ as ​​they try to break up the fight.

The passenger who took the video – and asked to remain anonymous – told the Daily Mail the situation was a “nightmare” and everyone was exhausted and angry.

“It’s not nice to see people fighting and we were just waiting for our suitcases,” they said.

“Hell broke loose. There were people fighting and then people started running. It was crazy.

“We all had to deal with it because there was no security or staff to help us.”

It all started when passengers were handed a piece of paper telling them that ‘unforeseen operational challenges’ meant their baggage could not be unloaded ‘in a timely manner’ – and there was no clear indication as to when they would receive or be sent their luggage to the chosen address.

According to the passenger who took the footage, people started yelling at the staff member and accused him of lying, before turning around.

The cap on passenger numbers at airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick, and major timetable reductions by airlines such as British Airways have brought relief to ground handlers and a better experience for passengers, consumer organizations receiving fewer complaints of lost luggage, The Guardian reported.

However, while airport baggage handling appears to have improved in the UK, the industry continues to face staffing issues.

In June, London’s Heathrow Airport experienced a technical breakdown that saw photos of a “mountain of luggage” go viral.

Since then, most pile-ups have been due to a lack of staff – not just in baggage handling but in all areas of aviation, from check-in to air traffic control, according to The Guardian.

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