‘Is this real?’: Woman’s shocking discovery in McDonald’s order

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A woman was shocked to find flowers in her legendary chicken meal. Video / @wright1240 via TikTok

There’s nothing like the disappointment of opening a food order and finding out what’s inside isn’t exactly what you ordered.

So spare a thought for this Macca customer who claims to have found an unexpected item in her McChicken Sandwich.

The Irish woman was recorded by her boyfriend expressing shock after taking a bite of his burger and pulling out what looks like a dandelion.

“There’s a flower in my McChicken sandwich,” she says, holding the mayonnaise-covered piece of greenery.

“Is this really for real?”

A woman claimed to have found a
A woman claimed to have found a “flower” in her McDonald’s burger. Photo/TikTok @wright1240

She then places the mysterious green object in the top of the burger box, showing that it was an entire stem with yellowing buds.

The unimpressed woman’s video – captioned, ‘Flowers in chicken legend’s meal look lovely so it is’ – has racked up more than two million views since it was shared on TikTok on Sunday.

But while many people sympathized with the woman’s plight, others were suspicious.

“I work at McDonald’s. No you didn’t,” one guy wrote.

“Yeah no, Maccies worker here, that’s not possible,” agreed another.

There are suspicions about the claims.  Photo/TikTok @wright1240
There are suspicions about the claims. Photo/TikTok @wright1240

While another said: ‘I work at McDonald’s and I can assure you everything is checked out so I feel like it was planted.’

Others tagged McDonald’s UK in the video, saying, “You owe them free food for life.”

“It’s true, I find these in lettuce bags at work all the time,” said one user.

“It would have been in the lettuce mix. The staff wouldn’t have known it was contaminated,” said another.

While unable to say if the video was authentic, many saw the funny side, remarking that it made the fast food product “healthier”.

“That’s a weed they must have run out of lettuce,” one teased.

“Always better than an insect or plastic. It’s organic girl!” another laughed.

“The cost of living is so bad now, they’re cheating us with dandelions instead of lettuce,” someone else joked.

It’s not the first time a starving restaurant has found something unexpected in its Macca order – with a Sydney woman recently claiming there was a cockroach crawling in her fries.

The woman posted photos of the shocking discovery on social media in April with the caption: “Straya – where you get a free living toy with every Happy Meal.”

This isn't the first time gross things have been found in Macca's food.  Photo/TikTok @wright1240
This isn’t the first time gross things have been found in Macca’s food. Photo/TikTok @wright1240

As a result, McDonald’s launched an investigation into the gross discovery, which was found in an order delivered via UberEats.

It’s still unclear how the cockroach got into the food, but Reddit users have posted several theories.

“I guess he crawled around while our food sat on the porch at the wrong address for half an hour,” the woman said.

“I’m Australian and should be used to it, but give me snakes, spiders and rats instead of cockroaches every day. These things are unspeakably revolting.”

Other users agreed with the theory that the cockroach got into the bag when it was delivered.

“God, the driver’s car must have been a dumpster fire, I think that’s the only way she got in there,” one user commented.

“I haven’t seen inside an Uber/Menulog etc bag but I think they would rank,” said a second.

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